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The Crisis of the Officer Class

 Author(s): Philip Rieff  Categories: Culture and Democray, Culture and Formation, Culture, Capitalism, and Global Change, Picturing the Human, Religion and Late-Modernity  Publisher: The University of Virginia Press  Published: 2013  ISBN: 0813926769  Pages: 224

Philip Rieff earned recognition as one of the most profound social theorist of culture and authroity of the twentieth century. Through such works as Freud: The Mind of the Moralist and The Triumph of the Therapeutic, he proved himself an incisive interpreter of Freud and his legacy. His work now culminates with the long-awaited trilogy Sacred Order/Social Order, a three-volume work on social theory and contemporary culture. In volume 2, The Crisis of the Officer Class: The Decline of the Tragic Sensibility, Philip Rieff continues his assault against the deathworks of our modern age. Edited by Kenneth S. Piver, Introduction by Alan Woolfolk.