The Advanced Studies in Culture Foundation supports and amplifies the work of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.


About the Foundation

Established in 1995, the Advanced Studies in Culture Foundation was created to finance and utilize basic and applied research to educate the public and key societal leadership groups about the nature and challenges of late-modern society; to conduct inquiry into a humane and democratic response to these challenges; and to coordinate the Colloquies and Labs of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.

The Foundation’s primary function is research support and implementation. Our primary purpose is financing, conducting, and communicating research to further the Institute’s academic and educational mission. In keeping with our purpose and our history, we continue to support research that helps explore contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences.

The premise of the work of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is that we live in a time of rupture that has generated problems at every level of our global order. We believe that the dominant paradigms for thinking about and addressing these changes are inadequate to the problems.

In finding new ways forward, the Foundation and the Institute actively seek a plurality of resources to support their research. Our mission is to operate in ways that build common ground in our deeply fractured world, not favoring resources from the right, left, or center. Consider the balanced work of the Institute’s Colloquies, Labs, and The Hedgehog Review. We have been uncompromising in our commitment to the highest academic standards. We have sought and will continue to seek support from reasonable people and organizations who share our vision. The Foundation and the Institute will not accept support in service to any ideological or partisan objectives, nor from any funders who would seek to influence our intellectual mission.

From time to time, the Foundation collaborates with institutions of higher learning. Such collaborations may involve the Foundation’s use of research scholars from these institutions. As a matter of policy, when research scholars from other institutions are funded by the Foundation, the Foundation will, when necessary, reimburse the institution for its direct costs. The Foundation does not provide reimbursement for the indirect costs associated with such research scholars.

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